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The End is Near For Kirk Cousins in Minnesota

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

Jason Smith: “Kirk Cousins, you talk about a guy who might wind up being available at the trade deadline… There was so much hope coming into this season. Every year he’s been the same – he’s a really functional quarterback; he’s going to throw 30 touchdowns and 10 or so picks; is he going to win any big games?? Not really, so you just surround Kirk Cousins with talent and think ‘NOW’ is when they’re really going to come through, but it’s STILL the same Vikings. This year so many people fell victim to the ‘Hey, now I think the Vikings are going to be great! They’re going to take that leap!’ This is going to be the year where that is going to forever turn and Kirk Cousins is going to wind up being Ryan Fitzpatrick. They're into him for $40 million this year, $30 million next year, and you know they’re going to want to start over. Eventually hope leaves the building and the hopes that you can build a championship team around Kirk Cousins are going to be gone. He’s not suddenly going to change and he’s not suddenly going to become a great quarterback and find the Fountain of Youth. After this year you’re going to see a big changeover and the Vikings are going to look to restart. Next year is a quarterback-rich draft with so many guys coming in and so many quarterbacks that NFL evaluators love with Bryce Young and CJ Stroud. This is their chance to get that-type of quarterback and they will move on from Kirk Cousins. This is the rubber hit-the-road year for him. This is the end of the Kirk Cousins bandwagon. It’s running out of gas, it’s nearing a rest stop, and everybody wants to get off.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he thinks Kirk Cousins’ days are numbered in Minnesota, with Cousins and the Vikings coming off an embarrassing Monday Night Football loss in Philadelphia where Cousins three threw picks and posted a rancid 17.5 QBR score.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why he thinks the Vikings are going to look to trade Cousins at the trade deadline, or attempt to dip their beaks into the quarterback-rich 2023 NFL Draft.

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