'What is Tua Great At?': Colin Cowherd Shuts Down the Tua Tagovailoa Hype

Colin Cowherd: “Tua is going to start putting up big numbers as we’ve predicted all off-season and you’re going to get fooled and suddenly think he’s great. Congratulations for hitting a bunch of wide-open guys on broken coverage. He’s still small and not very athletic with an average deep arm. You suddenly now think he’s tall and really athletic? This is so predictable. They give him an offensive coach, they get him Tyreek Hill, he already had Jaylen Waddle, they get him Cedrick Wilson, both the running backs look dynamic, they get him an All-Pro left tackle, and his numbers go up as we told you they would and everybody freaks out. Ask yourself, where does Tua rank in the AFC? Is he Josh Allen? Hell no. Herbert? No. Burrow, despite the 0-2 record? No. Patrick Mahomes? No. Lamar Jackson? NO. What is Tua great at? Size? Arm? Athletic ability? He’s accurate, so is Jimmy G. We saw it at Alabama and we saw it yesterday, he can hit wide-open fast guys. He’s a good kid, he’s great at the podium, I really like him, he’s taken a lot of crap, the Flores stuff was bad, Deshaun Watson rumors… He’s been a wonderful kid, and the Drew Brees comparison is silly, but there’s a little Drew Brees in which he’s not going to be great over the top, but he’ll be good at the line, he’s a good guy, he’ll accurately throw it… Hell, Tua admitted last week ‘I can’t see over the line, I’m too small.’ He admitted it! I think he’s a left-handed Mac Jones. You’re going to talk yourself into him being Herbert, Lamar, Mahomes, and he’s NOT. He can hit open guys with protection, that’s not his issue, but suddenly yesterday I’m on social and it’s ‘OMG, TUA IS____’… Small. ‘TUA IS____’… Not that athletic. I can like something but not go gaga and fall in love with it. I like the story and for the next two years he's going to win a bunch of games, and this year he’s into the playoffs, but the reaction is so predictable. Of course he’s going to improve his numbers, they weren’t even terrible last year.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd tamp down the Tua Tagovailoa hype a day after the third-year quarterback threw a career-high six touchdown passes in a thrilling comeback victory over the Ravens.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Tua praise on social media needs to stop, saying that all Tua did was hit wide-open receivers down the field in clean pockets.

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