Colin Cowherd Explains Why Tom Brady Hasn't Retired Yet

Colin Cowherd: “As you get older if you have the right support system it often gets easier. The ‘fight’ to be successful is in your 30s when nobody believes in you, your 40’s when you’re battling a lot of people the same age in your prime, but once you get to be in your 50s or 60s in business it is hard to stop. It’s easier. You’ve built the alliances, you’ve built the credibility, you’ve built the legacy, you’ve built the net worth. Nick Saban could easily retire. Nick Saban told his agent years ago ‘I don’t want to be one of these coaches who coaches into their 70s and 80s.’ Now he’s getting up to that age and he’s still dominating. Why would he retire? He’d be crazy to retire. He still looks good, he sounds good, he’s still great, and it’s gotten easier for him. That’s the issue with Brady that he’s struggling with. I think if Tom Brady was in the AFC this morning and he looked at Mahomes and Josh Allen it would be much easier to say ‘they are playing a different game than I am. I don’t need more playoff losses to my legacy, I’m going to go hang out with my fam.’ I think he looks at the NFC – Arizona is now a tire fire, Dallas is a mess, the Rams o-line is a real problem, San Francisco has quarterback issues, and Green Bay doesn’t have a star receiver. It’s hard to retire when you see the path and you start talking yourself into ‘I can do this for about three more years, make $25 million a year, it’s easy, it’s fun, I wanna do something with my life.’ I think if he was in the AFC East and had to play Josh Allen twice a year it would be very easy to say ‘I don’t feel like adding five second-place finishes to my resume and eight losses to Josh Allen.’ Or if he played in the same division as Justin Herbert, Patrick Mahomes, and Derek Carr, being like ‘I don’t think third place is in the division my last four years is very nice…’ His division now is three rebuilding teams, Bad quarterbacks, and tanking. The NFC is a crumbling conference. It makes it really hard for any man or woman who has established momentum and credibility. It gets easier as you’re older, you’re established, you walk into rooms and people open doors for you, and you look around and your rivals and your competitors are weaker than they’ve ever been. That makes it really, really hard. If he was in the AFC with Mahomes, Herbert, and Josh Allen it would be a much easier discussion." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he believes it’s been so difficult for 45-year-old Tom Brady to call it quits from the NFL despite his wife Giselle Bundchen appearing to have made major attempts at getting her husband to finally retire.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why things actually get EASIER when you’re that age, especially in an NFC where Brady’s Bucs are still the betting favorites to reach the Super Bowl.

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