Colin Cowherd: Stop Making Excuses For Trey Lance's Poor Play in Week 1

Colin Cowherd: “Can Trey Lance play? You can blame the weather, folks, but if a pilot crashes the plane you can’t go ‘WELL, IT WAS RAINING!’ You got to be able to land the plane in rain, and you got to be able to play football in rain. Brady spent 20 years playing in Foxboro: blizzards, wind, cold… you gotta be able to land a plane in that stuff and you gotta be able to play quarterback in that stuff. I don’t wanna hear about rain, Justin Fields had to play in it too. I’ve got evidence, last year’s two starts, this year’s preseason, and yesterday. That’s a lot of evidence. Trey Lance completes about 50% of his throws, THAT’S IT. You can’t start in this league at 50%. There may be a situation where in another offseason he gets up to 60% or 62% which is kind of the line, but we got a loaded roster here and a clever coach. We got great receivers, and we’ve got Jimmy Garoppolo winning over 70% of his games with this roster and this coach. When you draft a young quarterback he’s gotta be good pretty soon. By year 2 he has to be good because you’re not paying him anything. You gotta be good pretty quickly because those are the only times – because of the position that you play – that I can surround you with great talent. The minute you pay that quarterback he’s going to play with less talent; go ask Dak, go ask Aaron Rodgers. The Rams had a competitive advantage with Jared Goff for about two years then they pay him and they’re thin like everybody else. Dallas had a competitive advantage with Dak, then they paid him, and now they can’t afford a second big-time receiver. I don’t want to hear about penalties and rain, you’ve got the better coach, the better scheme, the better roster, and got the better receivers, I don’t wanna hear about it.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Trey Lance’s dud start in Week 1 amidst monsoon-like conditions at Soldier Field, as Colin doesn’t want to hear the excuses about the bad weather.

Check out the video above as Colin details why San Francisco has to be concerned going forward that Lance just might not be their guy.

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