Palm Beach County Commission Approves Sheriff's Budget For Fiscal Year '23


Photo: Getty Images

The Palm Beach County Commission this week gave final approval to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's budget for the fiscal year that begins October 1st.

The $835 million is a year-over-year increase and Sheriff Ric Bradshaw tells us that's unavoidable.

"Look, there are some things you've got to understand that I have to budget for and there's gonna be an increase. Guess what? Gas. I use millions of gallons of gas, so when there's a price increase that goes up. Food costs more to feed prisoners."

The sheriff calls them "uncontrollable" costs.

"I can't stop feeding the prisoners. I can't stop giving them health care coverage. And then the employees...they would like a cost of living raise, which we figured in this time."

He says the money that's budgeted is for the benefit of the people living in the keep them safe.

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