Southwest Florida doctor arrested for raping two sedated patients

Collier County, FL - A Southwest Florida doctor has been arrested after allegedly incapacitating two patients with laughing gas, medication and alcohol and having sex with the unconscious women.

According to the Naples Police Department, Dr. Eric Andrew Salata was arrested after allegedly drugging and raping two women who were clients of Pura Vida Medical Spa, a cosmetic surgery clinic that Dr. Salata runs with his wife.

Police alleged that Dr. Salata drugged two patients, ages 51 and 72, after they came to his practice for a cosmetic procedure.

The first victim told police she was prescribed Xanax before arriving at Dr. Salata’s office. 

Upon arrival, she was informed the procedure would be painful, so she agreed to use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to assist with the pain.

The victim told police Dr. Salata then offered her tequila. 

The victim stated the alcohol, laughing gas, and sedatives caused her to “blackout” and become unconscious.

When she regained consciousness, the victim found Dr. Salata performing a sex act on her. 

Unable to stop him, the woman fell unconscious again. 

When the victim awoke for the second time, she found Dr. Salata having sexual intercourse with her.

A second victim told police Dr. Salata used laughing gas to render her unconscious, increasing the amount of the drug while he massaged her. 

The woman said she was then raped by Dr. Salata.

On both occasions, Dr. Salata was the only medical personnel in the room at the time of the incidents.

Both victims participated in a Sexual Assault Nurse’s Exam, which was sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for their investigation. 

Dr. Salata was arrested outside of his Naples practice around 8PM Monday. 

He's been charged with two counts of sexual battery to a physically helpless person and placed on a $200,000 bond. 

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